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welcome to my new portfolio.


This is me

I’m Carolina Rodrigues Bivens, a.k.a. Carol Punkeca. I was born in São Paulo, Brazil. I've always been obsessed with design and have always been a curious individual, with a thirst for discovering new ideas and ways of looking at the world through a unique lens. In recent years my career has been focused on working as an Art Director/Designer both in Advertising Agencies and Production Companies. My profile highlights the talent of someone who can generate a concept, prepare it for realization and contribute to the success of the client. 


I am familiar with various graphic design software programs. I'm a driven, hard-working and highly adaptable professional. I have the following expertise: logo design, web page layout design, advertisement design, corporate branding, director’s treatments and presentations in line with the clients objectives.

Branding  Social Media 
  Director's Treatments

Pitch Decks    Creative Campaigns 

Presentations Film Directing

Film Festival Graphic Designer

 Production Designer 

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